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Garden Growth–30th April, 2019

Days are starting to blur together, and I blame the constant misties that sometimes gear up to full out rain.

  • When I was watering the seedlings, I realized that both potato plants we had moved to the spare bedroom after the “whodunnit” incident did not seem happy.  I wasn’t terribly surprised, given the environment in there though I had hoped the warmer temps would hold and they’d be ok.  Nope.  Both were starting to droop and their leaves were looking a bit shrively.  I took the smaller pot and put it on the counter in the upstairs bath in the hopes it will not be disturbed.  I noticed that with the large bin, the recently broken stem was still doing its best to try to keep going despite the overall wilt the leaves were showing.  Don’t ask me why, but I then dubbed that plant “Maude”.  Maude seems a perfect name for one that has lived through things, and is still raring to go despite them.  I took Maude back down to the dining room and instead of back on the floor, fortunately I could fit the bin across two of the dining room chairs that we don’t use daily that rest against one wall.  Hopefully whomever caused the former incident will leave Maude alone.
  • After putting banana bread in the oven, I took the kitchen scraps out.  Shoobie already had plenty of peels, so they, the tea leaves and eggshells (rinsed and crushed) all went to the compost.   I realized yet again I still have not screened the oldest compost.
  • A netted bag of small to medium onions (grown in Canada, the label proudly declared, so we’ll probably just call them Canadian onions for now) found their way to our kitchen and I noticed a handful had sprouted.  Of course with the success we’ve had with potatoes, I set those aside and will later look up how to try to make them grow more onions.
  • Did I mention this was one of those days when I thought to myself as I was carrying fallen wood to the wood pile, “Grand plans, but what will actually get done this year?”  I’ve been thinking similar thoughts to that for a few days now, and likely will for a while.
  • Noticed a small caterpillar tent on the crabapple tree.  The cats had emerged and were very small and black.  I have no idea what they are.

Care to share thoughts on this?