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Garden Growth–28th April, 2019

This was a tough day, and shorter time was spent outdoors than I would have liked because I just wasn’t up for much.

  • Watered the seedlings.
  • After we had triple checked research, all the articles say plant blueberries in full sun.  So we picked a new spot, took out a few more rocks, I dug back out the peels I had planted in the old doghouse spot that we then put in there, and we finally moved Shoobie to a new spot. I did gather a few pine needles for mulch as my partner transplanted the thin layer of peat that had built up around him.  I don’t think that moss will last in the sunnier spot, but we’ll see.
  • Knowing we are running out of time to tame the Boysenberry Division of the Berry Army, I measured and cut a piece of the freebie metal fencing we have been using for leaf bins and used the one hook on the cellar door jut plus another I moved from the back of the garage (I think it used to hold one end of a dog run cable that we still haven’t removed from the tree they had the other end around) to hang the fencing for now.  I left room closest to the corner for where the second rain barrel will go once we finish clean up of the safety glass bed as well as the regrade that is desperately needed there.  I was too tired to stake the bottom, and I barely cleared just under it of creepers which were starting to get under the siding of the cellar door enclosure.  There are so many, and I am starting to suspect that they are the same creepers that have trounced the garden bed and smothered so many things there.  I meant to do a before and after picture, to show progress steps in that bed, but I really was beat.  I’ll post the before later once I do more in that area.
  • While I was doing that, my partner set to work on his now third and final decided upon spot for the new grape trellis.  This will also free up the trellis we used last year, which I’m not sure what we’ll do with just yet.  I have notions, but not sure which is best.  For now, we moved it to the safety glass bed as a possible screen in front of the rain barrel, but then I realized it might be better for the one out front since we’re moving the lilac to the other side even if we don’t move the rain barrel closer to where we want the rain garden.

Care to share thoughts on this?