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Unfinished posts and finished plantings

The lack of consistent postings of late is not a sign that we’ve not been putting in at least some time each day towards our garden, it’s that I’ve not managed to eck out the time to finish a handful of posts about what’s been done in that time.

If I manage to finish some of those posts, they will be backdated to the original day whatever happened.  This is so in the future it’s easier for me to scan any given month to see what was done when, rather than when I posted about it.  Sorry in advance if that confuses anyone in the near future.

I have been late jotting down all the dates we should be planting whichever indoors.  Although overall we’re starting much earlier than last year, we still have a long way to go before this is a habit with slightly adjusted dates depending on a particular year’s last frost.  There are some seeds I know we are still near the “start indoors” window that we simply have not yet gotten to, but may still.

The one thing we are dead on track for with the 2 Hour Garden plan specifically is the scarlet runner and black turtle dry beans.  For both of those, on this year’s plantings page I not only remembered to note how many seeds for those, but how many are the ones we bought from Heirloom versus ones we harvested from that same batch of seeds we planted last year.

I have been updating both that as well as the side widget for what we plan to plant, taking down what we get into soil.  I still need to add some hopefuls on the to be planted widget, which I will get to after I finish filling out our planting calendar.

I will be so happy when years from now this is a no brainer routine instead of us having to make sure we’ve got all the bits needed at the last minute, and are fretting about what we’ve not done yet.  In our hearts we know we’ll do what we can, but we really want to have a much more successful kitchen garden this year.

The good news is that we did work out a system when my partner isn’t worrying about his black thumb.  He is in charge of the soil, I mark the containers, count out the seeds and put them in before he adds the top layer over.  Then we go to the seed rack and place them and give them their first watering.

We have rapidly run out of room, though, and I’m trying to think of a solution before the next round.  We did have to move the whole potato seedling to a plastic bin because it’s been growing like crazy.  One of the posts I need to finish talks about how transplanting it went awry, but so far it seems to be weathering my clumsiness just fine.

I hope everyone’s plantings are going well, and any mishaps are finding work arounds.

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