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What was lost is now found: #2

Nope, not another post about wheat grass, hence the #2.

While sorting out some of the cardboard garden supplies, I found seed packets tucked away in two different boxes–one of which had moss I’d meant to place ages ago and forgotten about.

There were five seed packets total stashed away.  Some, I know where the ones (like the poppies and butterfly weed) I’d been looking for knowing they’d been late plantings last year.  Two–johnny jump ups and rainbow carrots–I can’t recall how they ended up where they did.  One–strawberry spinach–is the oddest of them all.

Why?  Because when we set out to plot our garden this year, I kept talking about “broccoli and spinach” patches.  When I look at the paper plan here next to me, there are two patches clearly marked for broccoli and spinach (and their companions).  Yet we bought no spinach seeds this year, so where did I get that notion from, I now have to wonder.  It also puzzled me that we had started the broccoli indoors, but unlike with some we planned to group together (i.e. tomatoes and peppers), there was no spinach in the same batch.

Just now, I checked the “what I’ll be planting soon” list, and can see that spinach isn’t on there at all.  This makes sense because every addition I put on that list, I had the seeds near my on my desk when I did so.

The human brain is a funny thing.  Tucked away in some cobwebby bit of my sieve of a brain, there lurked the memory of the unplanted spinach seeds of last year.  The good news is I found them when they are still viable for planting this year.  So some time in the next week or two, we’ll get some in the ground.  Likely after we finish getting the rocks out of the other area marked on the plot for “broccoli and spinach”.

[Note: I found this buried in my draft folder.  I don’t exactly recall why on earth I didn’t just post it other than perhaps I didn’t have time to dig out the old link when I wrote this up.  When I tried to backdate it to the original date, WP erred out, assigned the day/time I had edited it, then all the old saved revisions went poof so I can’t be certain that the date above is exactly accurate except for it was definitely in early 2019.]

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