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What was found, then lost again, is again found.

Fair Warning: Brain is foggy, writing is more rambly than usual.

As I’ve been fighting whatever variant of winter bug my partner brought home from work, I have fallen to not getting much of anything done at all.

For about a week now, I can’t hold a thought to save my life. Even with a list in front of me. This has been frustrating me to no end because we also had what should have been a minor repair suddenly need doing turn into a long drawn out “argh” process thanks to the foggy brains we both have right now.

So yesterday I decided this is simply a life happens time until this illness clears up. Instead of continuing to try to work on multi step projects, I’ve been chipping away at the minor repair, and otherwise literally do whatever comes to mind while wandering about the house.  As in, “Oh, dishes in sink.  I’ll do some dishes,” or “Oh, right, holly day decorations still aren’t all away yet” sorts of things.

Today as I was puttering away at such short and easy tasks, one such meant tidying up some of the scrap wood in the cellar we have on a plain old 2×4 frame and plywood shelving unit that was here when we bought the house.  Lo and behold, behind one stack of scrap 2x4s was a small handful of garden supplies like egg cartons and a box of some mosses I had again completely forgotten about that I’d collected and meant to try to make a mini terrarium with, because why not?

Also in the box was a still unopened envelope of wheat grass seed.  Being as I’m too tired right now to go down and double check the date on it (if there even is one), I can only say I know I’ve had that envelope for a while and have no idea if the seeds are worth a hoot or not.  These seeds were among the batch I’d mentioned I’d found a few times before that weren’t stored as good as they could be, so who knows how they’ve fared.

Hopefully soon I’ll be mindful enough again to try to start germinating a few from that envelope, and whatever happens, happens.

The moss terrarium materials, though, I set aside. If I can manage it tomorrow, I hopefully will be finishing that minor turned annoying repair with whatever concentration I can muster.

Time will tell!

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