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Update on growing bits and seeds — second week of June ’18

Bought two plant seeds this week, black eyed susans and bachelor buttons.  I did manage to get them in a planter for the time being.  I’m still wary of the squirrels, though the susan seeds are so tiny they can’t possibly want to steal those, right?  I’m going to try stagger sowing them a bit, though not by much because the start is already pretty darn late this year. (Hullo, June!) So I only did some of each to start. Continue reading “Update on growing bits and seeds — second week of June ’18”

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Just over a year ago…

That’s when we bought our first new old house, and let’s just say there were challenges outside.

Yep, outside.

Still, some good came out of it that had been there all along.

These are actually black raspberries.
We had no idea…

At some point someone was an avid gardener, and despite years of neglect, a wealth remained.

Even if it was choking to death in overgrowth.

More stories to come.

Stay tuned.