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Cilantro: “We don’t want to go on the compost. We feel fine!”

While doing dishes, I noticed a bit of green inside one of the mini mason jar greenhouses.  Sure enough, at least one of the herbs was making it know that they were not, in fact, dead. 

I can't take them. It's against regulations.
Look at all those bits, unfurling to declare their undead status.

What really surprised me was how many there are. I suppose after none of the herbs sprouted by the ten day mark, I was already bracing for the worst. I had accepted the possibility that the kit was old enough or where it (and thus the seeds) were stored wasn’t cool enough for them to live on to greeness.

Maybe it’s because I have been sick for most of this year that I was so ready to throw in the towel on them.  That’s made me a bit more scatter brained than usual, to be honest.  Even though I have been trying to do productive things, the length of time I’ve been feeling like something the cat dragged in has been wearing me down.

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, I finally got my keister to a doctor yesterday, and found myself going for a chest X-ray last night once my partner got home to drive me there.  Turns out I have pneumonia!  No wonder it was taking me forever to get over what I thought was a string of colds/flu.  Picked up my medicine yesterday, and have my follow up in two weeks.

As corny as it likely sounds, the sight of those little green shoots feels like a reward for doing what I should have done a while ago.

Maybe the mini greenhouses helped them along, maybe they just needed a bit more time, I don’t know.  (And of course now my brain is saying, “We never did look up the typical germination times for each of those herbs, did we?  We were just going by the instructions?  Why didn’t we write a note to ourselves for that…oh, right…sick.”)

Coincidence or not, I’m simply thrilled to see them.  I hope the other pots may follow in showing a bit of green in the coming week.

Judging from how many seedlings there are, that pot may get crowded quick!  So I’m really glad we started clearing a spot to set up a former merchandise rack we found curbside last year in the upstairs bathroom because that is the only south facing window upstairs, and we are hoping to put seedlings there as an in between spot before they go under the cold frame.  I suppose I better start preparing an egg carton–after I finally finish the last seed list post, though.  I am determined to finish that today.

It seems the herb kit will continue to give me reason to write ongoing progress posts for at least this year because who knows which seeds will make it or not, as well as testing out the mini greenhouses.  So I’m going to start putting a link to their tag on the bottom of all the related posts moving forward, but will add it to the few I’ve already done for consistency’s sake sometime after I post this today and before I finish the other post I’ve been working on.

When you click on the tag, the page will list them in reverse chronological order.

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