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Frosty corn

I noticed yesterday that the older corn stalk was looking a bit worse for (weather) wear.  We meant to do our rounds yesterday, but other busy-ness got in the way and I realized after it was too dark that we didn’t do our walkabout which is when I planned to check what corn is still on the stalk.

So I will be checking them today once the sun lights our part of the world well enough to see out there.  The sky is just starting to change towards a lighter blue hue as I write this.

It did come to mind lately, given the younger stalk which through no fault of its own didn’t have a chance to grow as tall as its elder and yield corn or not, to wonder if I brought the corn inside in a big pot that maybe it might grow more?

Yet in my heart, I already feel this is a silly notion and doomed from the get go.  We don’t have even a three season sort of room where it might get enough sun, forget about how corn doesn’t like to be transplanted (and that stalk already was once.)

Since we could not even start on the walipini this year, and we don’t have any other sort of greenhouse, it likely won’t work.

Of course, my crazy brain is nudging me about a notion that if we could make a mini walipini using the doghouse, maybe it might have a chance.  I don’t know if I’d have the time to try, though.  I am still thinking about using some of our salvaged windows on the doghouse frame to make a cold frame for spring though!

I still have to finish cutting back a few things in the kitchen garden and some other edible garden related bits, which I may not get to today.  Hopefully the weather will be co-operative tomorrow when my partner will be off from work so we can get back on track with fall clean up chores in general.  Time will tell!

Care to share thoughts on this?