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This and That–24 October 2018

Still trying to build in a consistent pattern for posting here versus the rest of life, so here’s a general update for the moment.

I have been a noticing a lot of chickadees of late in the gardens.  Often in numbers to rival the sparrows and grackles, though I have not seen many grackles in a while now.

Timing yard work around the weather has been a bit tricky of late, both with paid work taking up time as well as some volunteer efforts I’ve been engaging in locally.

My partner is already working a steady six days a week schedule ahead of when the Christmas season officially kicks off at his job, and the only relief he may get this holiday season as a carrier is he may be able to avoid the Amazon Sunday most post offices in this area require of part timers because the town he’s been working out of is one of the few where Amazon delivers their own.  If certain folks retire before then, he may finally get the bump to full time which will take him out of that possibility altogether.  Time will tell on that.

Of the two ginger cats that visit our yard regularly, I noted today that they have more camouflage of late given the multitude of orange and yellow leaves we have.  I have not seen the one black cat I posted an image of before in a long time.  I also have not seen the one that had rather striking markings that I did not manage to get a picture of back when it was still about.  I know the male ginger is still being very aggressive, as I had to break up another fight the other day.  The male ginger is starting to obey verbals at least, and will knock it off when told to, which is nice.  I still wonder who might own the two gingers, and why they have them collared but with no tags.

There is still much I want to do before the weather gets any colder and the freeze sets into the ground.  Some I can do alone, but others will be more difficult with some help.

We are just about done with a rough plan for how we will add on to the kitchen garden next year.  This will help with seed purchases.  Again, we know we might not get to do as much as we hope, but at least we have a plan based on what we learned this year.  One thing I especially want to try is an herb spiral.   I know they’re a bit trendy, but still useful none the less.  We would like to get some bulbs, but until our tax return shows up, I’m holding off on ordering those.

I hope everyone’s fall work in their gardens is going well.  Feel free to post below anything you wish to share.

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