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Feeling a bit overwhelmed!

The office view I posted the other day now has twice the dandelions shown there.

Greenery is bursting out everywhere, some still smothering some plants I don’t want smothered. 

The critter digging is worrisome.  I have decided I’m definitely starting the seeds indoors for now.  I’m trying to devise a potential quick fence for at least one bed in the near future just in case.

This one seems about chipmunk size. Another is smaller--possible snake?
We’ve had some new holes appearing here and there. A bit concerned about our kitchen garden, but too soon to know if they will care or not.

I have my lists, and a rough idea of order, but bits like I forget we didn’t actually dig out a lot of the dandys last year and only popped the heads off so they wouldn’t further seed are now concerning me even though I know we can do the same this year.

My baking bags are showing their reuse wear, and I need to think about getting a lidded bin instead.

Also have to get the rain spout for the front gutter within the week so I can get the rain chain up finally.

Regrade on the safety bed is coming along, so we should be getting the new rain barrel next week too.



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