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Not a sunflower, sadly.

I checked on the possible sunflower after coming home from an errand today, and noticed the stem was getting a bit ruddy.  I checked the other spots where I had planted sunflowers last year that also did not sprout, and found one other in the right side front porch bed.

Then I took a walk around the property since the rain had dwindled to spitting, and I spied a similar looking seedling under a bush in the back.  Upon further examination, I saw a few.  I did wonder, briefly, if there was any chance that the seed thief had paused there, and that’s how so many might be in a small area.  I soon dismissed the notion, and dug up 5 from that patch just to make sure there was no acorn attached to the other end, though the leaf shape would be all wrong for an oak.  I planted them in a pot in the kitchen I recently put potting soil in in case I might start some seed last week, but didn’t plant in yet.

After a bit of searching on the four deciduous tree types I know we have here (crabapple, birch, maple, white oak), it seems pretty evident that they are all maple seedlings.  As they grow, the leaf shape will form the more expected pattern of a maple leaf.

So if there is anyone in the north centeral area of Massachusetts that would like to plant one of more maples on their property, I have free seedlings, ready for the taking.  Use the Contact link to let me know you’re interested in some.

Care to share thoughts on this?