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Watering, snipping grass, neglected compost and old foe skeletons

I did manage to get some time outside yesterday to do more than a round of watering.  Compared to last year, I’m consistently using three “can fills” per water from the rain barrel so far, where last year we barely needed just the one.  Most of that is due to the kitchen garden related plants, as well as trying to encourage some perennials that didn’t overwinter very well.  We haven’t been able to pick up the new rain barrel we paid for, but will when schedules align.  We haven’t needed it yet, so I’m not agonizing over the lack of pickup,  if it matters.

Note the two flying insect "shadows" you can see near the one cluster of fruit growing. I didn't even realize they'd made the shot.
Some of our plants have names (we’re odd). Shoobie, our northern highbush blueberry, was two years old when introduced last year, and this year’s crop is looking good for a three year old.

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Never give up! Never surrender!

I'm not a pink anything fan, but I'm still glad to see these flowers!
We transplanted what was a tiny miserable rhododendron last year to a much better suited spot on the front yard. I’m pleased to say it’s recovering well–we actually have blooms this year.

Despite how little I have managed to get done in the last week and change, I am still determined to press forward however I can. Seems obvious, right?   If you stop, things will really get out of hand, and more work for later, which no one wants.

Fortunately for me, the only things I’m worried about killing are all the starter kitchen plants that haven’t made it into the ground yet.

The good news is that a lot is growing just fine on its own, and no thanks to my efforts except in a few cases where I rescued a few things from various less than ideal situations. Continue reading “Never give up! Never surrender!”