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Rain delay

I did get some time outside today, but not as much as I’d like thanks to the rain I wasn’t expecting to last near as long as it did.

I kept up with the turf transplanting from where we’re widening the upper tier front yard beds and moving it down to the street level where we had erosion.  It was really damp and chilly, so I only managed to get the one side near half done before moving onto other things, especially because it started spitting again and I was in no mood to get rained on for the remainder of what I wanted to do today.

Got the freesia and the glads in the ground.  I’ll do the Dutch iris either tomorrow or the day after, depending on how much rain we get tomorrow.  I didn’t bother to water any plantings today because of the steady rain earlier in the day and it wasn’t warm at all.

I also did two peach basket’s worth of leaf raking to fill our leaf mould bin back up.  I need to make a second and finish raking the rest of what needs it in the backyard.

I want to get that done before I start the regrade work in the safety glass bed.

Tomorrow…who knows?  It will depend on the rain and temperature.  I don’t mind working in rain, but not when I get a chill!

Care to share thoughts on this?