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A Tale of Two Cameras

I currently have two digital cameras.  One is cheap and terrible at close ups.  The other is good for its time, but now would be considered old.  The older one is finicky, and often won’t save data properly.  I have not yet had time to see if I can get it fixed.  I also, at this time, cannot afford a new camera (and, no, I do not own a cell phone that can take pictures).

To give you an idea of how different they can be, here’s two shots I took last year of the only monarch caterpillar I saw on our common milkweed.

Sadness that I missesd the shot with the better camera.
I wish I had found the better camera just a wee bit sooner, as I wanted to capture it eating the milkweed leaf.
Please, camera dieties, convince this camera to work more often.
Look at the difference.

I did actually enter the better one to a Monarch tracking site, Journey North.

Care to share thoughts on this?