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Education is good, but practical experience helps you learn more directly

“You can only learn so much from a book and from a video. You have to get your hands dirty.”

–Stefan Sobkowiak
THE KEY to YOUR Permaculture Orchard or Fruit Planting is… ‘JUST START’

This quote resonated quite soundly with me this morning.  Especially so because last year during the pandemic, I spent way more time than I should have buried in research, instead of doing as much as I could have outside in the garden.  It’s also becoming painfully clear how slacking off last year is now going to mean a lot more work this year, thanks to some of the invasives that were given a year’s respite from being ferreted out.

At the end of the growing season, I realized how far back we had slid from the year before. It’s part of what is driving me forward this year to not loaf around or spend too much time with my nose in the books.  (Of course, I’m still trying to find the sweet spot between learning, doing and writing here, but…finding a balance is an ongoing process because things change, right? *Looks guiltily at all the photos waiting to be added and posts waiting for polish.*)

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