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Three years ago today…

…I started to tell the story of our garden here in Gardner, and even posted the image above that showed part of the garden’s past we had inherited when buying this land.

As much as I want to match the carefree tone of my first anniversary post now, my brain isn’t quite there yet.  Rereading that post, it feels short, sweet, and mostly focused on the blog development which made sense because I was still finding my way.

In contrast to that, the second anniversary post is a hot frenetic mess.  I was late with it, being a member of the world in the process of losing its collective mind.  Even though we did get a lot done in the garden the year before compared to our earliest years, the good bits were lost in a sea of a mind distracted.

I want this post to have a sense of bounceback, but progress deteriorated in our garden and thus blog last year compared to what we managed the year before, so I look forlornly at a step back. I also have a lingering sense of “this could have been handled better somehow” guilt, but without a time machine…it’s time to collect what wisdom was gained and press forward.

One big deal for me in the last year?  Hitting 100 followers…and I don’t even think I ever posted about it to thank everyone–and for that I feel remorse.  Please allow me to belatedly amend that error and thank everyone that hung in there despite my downward trend in posting.

May we all have better times to come, both indoors and out!

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