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One year ago today…

…I started to tell the story of our garden here in Gardner, and even posted the image above that showed part of the garden’s past we had inherited when buying this land.

Since then, posts here have grown in their own way.  As regulars likely have learned, I’m not the most disciplined or organized person.  I do strive to be somewhat consistent, but it doesn’t always work out as intended.  Maybe that’s for the best anyhoo.  There’s an organic joke in there somewhere, but my brain isn’t yet firing back on most thrusters.

My partner, of course, a bit ago was all, “you should post about what it was like, what we did, and what we plan to do.” and I just laughed.  Anyone that’s been around even a little has some notion of that, so why write it all out again?  I hinted he could write a guest post, then he remembered to go check on the bacon.

Speaking of, he’s cooking breakfast right now, and the bacon smells wonderful.  I hope that whomever is reading this wants not for food and has someone to enjoy it with too.  In part, this is why I garden.  Like my grandparents before me, I want food security too even if I was not alive during the Great Depression.

To all the folks that have found this little spot of the internet, thank you for visiting.  I hope there will be many more posts to come as our garden continues to grow here in Gardner.

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