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Rainy day research, bookmark sorting and other progress bits.

Today was the first day we’d hoped to start tackling the blackberry corner.  Although it was predicted that there would be showers today, we had no idea how consistent they would be on this cooler March day.  So I did my level best to work on other garden related things that needed tending.

I started a new post where I know what information I’m trying to promote within it and why, but am still not sure how best to represent what references I’ve so far found and partly organized.  This feels silly, because I summed it up in a three tweet thread earlier, but somehow I feel like more should be said than three statements with a single link per to more information. Am I over thinking this?  Probably.

I did start going through pictures I took yesterday of the two beds in the front of our house where I am going to be taking a crack at making mossy woodland edge style gardens.  I also took more all around the garden because we have other mosses in many places.  Wrong time of year to snap any of ferns though.  I plan to post about that tomorrow with more detail about why I’ve come to decide on that type of garden in those spots.

One thing I’ve been slogging through over time that I did a good hour of is somehow between changing over to a new (then) computer and a recent complete system reboot of same, my browser bookmarks are a mess.  Some (but not all) of the folders and links were doubled and even some trebled, and sorting through it all and then realizing an older version of my bookmarks also snuck in when I categorized things differently (this was during the house search, as opposed to all post house bookmark/folders.)  I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far, but it is slow going.  I know there’s ways to clean up dupes of links, but the way those work can make more work for me depending on which folder the AI decides is the “dupe” that need deletion–it’s not always the one you’d think logical. So folder by folder I go. (Ask me how I know!)

We recently sold a piece of furniture we thought we’d need when we were looking for a home, but because we ended up finding an older home with plenty of closets, we didn’t.  It also didn’t fit around the corner at the bottom of the stairs which we tried because then we might use it on my side of the craft room.  My partner and I debated if we should spend a small portion of those funds on more native plants/seeds.  I had looked at one native seed shop, primarily with the idea to add more plantings in the front yard which has mostly been nothing more than mixed grass with volunteer wildflowers plus a scant few plants we’d moved up front to see what might do well there (most didn’t–much like the flowers we bought our first year which all died because that bed is too shady).  On one hand, we’d really like to get more, but on the other hand we could use the full amount to help pay down debt, which we ultimately decided was best.  The decision was made more easily because we already know we have a lot more seeds than we’ve had years prior, and we didn’t even get some we bought last year in the ground.  Also, with so many needed projects that must be done to give us any chance of all those seeds growing well–it just seemed wiser to hold off.  As I’ve mentioned before, we have lots of rocks in our soil and it’s also clay heavy.  So any new bed takes time, unlike if the entire yard had been cleared of them prior.  Plus, now that we have a new way to organize the garden portion of the To Do List which is mighty to behold, if we manage what needs to be done, there’s loads of other projects waiting to be given time as well.

Speaking of To Do Lists, there’s no shortage of that just for this site that I have been dodging completely today.  I may yet get a few minor changes done before I head to the large rectangle upstairs.  Time will tell.

I have also been falling down some rabbit holes of late where I search to find one bit of information, then find myself an hour deeply down urban related ecological information I hadn’t seen before, or one of possibly many sources of info that touch upon an aspect of a project planned for this year that was new or a new subset within compared to what I’d learned before, like what sorts of gardens were typical in America before the 1930s.

I also tried to find the best approximation of what date range is ok to do spring cleanup here in MA so as to not disturb the various creatures that overwinter in leaf litter.  So far, this is the best way to decide if it’s time that I’ve found.  If you know of better, please feel free to comment below!

As I’m writing this, the rain has still been steadily and softly falling outside.  It’s too dark out to do anything out there even if it wasn’t cold and rainy now, but I still have plenty more I can do before this night is through. I’ll likely procrastinate from doing more research for this week’s Wild Wednesdays entry, and more likely will be flipping between info about vinca and moss native to MA as well as looking at images of other moss gardens.

Whether your day was also filled with rain or not, I hope you don’t mind my ramble, and hopefully you also did something for your own garden today–whether indoors or out.






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