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Sun & Shade Mapping: Spring Equinox, 2021

I am a natural night owl.  So yesterday I simply stayed up just to see if we would have any sunlight worth noting at 6AM.  We did not, but I still managed to catch a neat shot.  I did manage the 9AM as well, but then fell asleep in my chair and woke up just in time to snap a near noon shot before toddling off to bed.  I did get up in time for the 6PM.  I cheated a bit today by taking the 3PM shot because I figured one day difference is still close enough. (Said to self while inwardly cheering the skies were not cloudy as well.) [Note: I took an actual 3pm shot today (22nd), so for those that might have seen this post before, now the sequence makes more sense. If this is your first time reading it, I moved the prior note about why I had to fix a mistake to the bottom of the post.]

Click on an image to open the gallery.

Seeing these images feels like a very far cry from my first attempt at this in 2017.  Shooting from upstairs really made a huge difference.  My partner and I looked at them before I started writing up this post, and now we’re going to move a few bed locations we were considering.  Hopefully the summer solstice round of shade and sun mapping won’t immediately show why that might have been cart before horse thinking!

If anyone else has done this before, or tried it for the first time this year, please do comment below.

NOTE: After posting this, my brain kept screaming at me that something was off.  I was flipping through the pictures, and suddenly something that I was half asleep enough to shrug off then hit me like a cold fish to the face: I apparently was so tired today I took a second shot at noon again—not 3PM.  That’s why the shadows just looked too similar, then the huge jump at 6pm.  Yeah, I need to get to bed.  Hopefully it will be sunny again tomorrow, and I honest to gosh will get that 3PM shade pattern set.  *chuckle*  I’ll take this notice down when the post is fixed.

UPDATE: My apologies that I didn’t catch this until after I hit publish. It is now fixed!  I’m still a bit unsettled that I was so tired this post went as sideways as it did—insomnia and its partner, brain fog, is no fun.

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