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Weekly Site Changes: July 24th-July 30th, 2020

Hoo boys, this year…  Here’s another attempt at getting this rolling forward again.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to get more catch up done than I have in the last month and change.

  • Updated 2020 Plantings Page as needed.
  • Updated Critters Page when time allowed me to input more info.
  • Updated the “What I’m planting” side widget as needed.

Still to Do and Rollover (with notes and changes):

  • Do the darn Planting Page icon drawings already!
  • Schedule for second story window view images.
  • What is “food animals” and “food insects” supposed to represent on the data page?  I’m so confused because it doesn’t seem to be what my brain wants it to be.
  • Office Window Views (OWV)
    • Keep adding old unposted OWV +slideshow–you left off on June 22, 2019
    • Go through media files, make sure all OWV labels and names are consistent.
    • Make sure earliest views are tagged as such, before we came up with the “tag”.
  • Continue to double check all posts’ Cats and Tags. (Start at the beginning, and note where you leave off for sanity’s sake.)
    • Continue Tag cleanup (typos, dumb ideas, excessive growing in gardner).
    • GiG tag removal progress: still only the first few I did immediately
    • Create either a widget or something under the Our Plants page that has all the new Tags listed for posts that used to be under sub cats of Plants or newly make Project Progress.
  • Do the changeover for “Friends?” Page and explain why that’s changing.
  • Decide what to do for a rotating header.
  • Start sketching out format for 2Hr Garden series for consistency.
  • Finish current draft for first 2HG series this year.
  • Add one new plant a month to “our plants”.
  • Add one new critter a month to “Critters”.
  • Consider a Cloud tag/placement.
  • Keep working on the garden plot plan.
  • Polish draft posts overall.
  • Any reality to time available for once a month comic? (You have one idea, draw it and see what happens.)
  • Find a way to check if side widgets really cannot be seen in tablet or phone form. Find a work around if that’s the case.

[REMINDER TO FUTURE ME: If you shut off the scheduled post option to add something before you go to bed, don’t forget to turn it back on after you’re done so it actually posts when it’s supposed to, you silly!]

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