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Weekly Site Changes Update: January 10-16, 2020

Shortly after I started trying to ferret out typos and mistakes in my Tags, I found my brain wondering what I might be doing to better help folks discover useful info to them on this site.  Down the SEO research rabbit hole I fell– which in hindsight I could have spent the time better on my original goals of content catch up.

Before I forget: if you have two copper about anything site related, please feel free to leave a comment below.

That fall down the rabbit hole did eat up time I meant to spend elsewhere, and led me to ponder the answers to questions I thought I had put behind me probably about the same time last year: I’m still fine with this site being mostly for me to keep track of things, and hopefully to share the info with others that might find it of use for whatever reason–it was never started to try to get a big following or become another blogger out of too many Amazon affiliates.

I also pondered yet again if I should pay the nominal fee to make WP’s ads go away.  I still don’t need the extra storage space for images that I would also get with the bump, but at the same time not everyone has ad blockers running and ads can be annoying–especially if whatever WP puts on my site isn’t relevant to the site itself.  This latter bit I do not know as I never see them, but if you can see them, feel free to tell me if they’re relevant or not in the comments below if you like.  Having a less bulky domain name that also comes along with the bump would be nice, but not a priority for me either.

So if anything, the rabbit hole stint did affirm some of my original decisions.  Which I guess that sort of made the time spent in it not a complete waste, even though it still feels like I should have stuck to my original plan for content catch up in that time spent in the hole.

On the more forward progress side, I did start going through my older image folders to see where else I might have skipped some office window views even as far back as 2018, but that got waylaid when the week went busy in other ways like life often does.  I should get a few I noted up by the next site changes update, but time will tell on that.

We had a two day burst of suddenly warm weather, which did scatter my brain a bit more as I found myself swinging into planning for this year’s garden mode.  Three library loan books sit on my desk now (one a second go around so I can take better notes–Native Plants for New England Gardens.)  This sort of knocks something off my Rollover list, but I really meant to do this closer to April.  *sheepish look*

Speaking of planning for this year’s garden, I did bring my almanac and calendar with me to a doctor’s follow-up appointment on Wednesday.  Even though we’ve been living in New England for almost four years now, I still balk when I see the earliest recommended planting dates being in late April, with most in May.  Related to this reminder, I do hope to be even better this year about the yearly planting list.  *crosses fingers*  I also need to do a bit of research on how having cold frames might bump up those dates.  Lastly on this, there is a post that will be finished before April about new methods I’ll be trying this year for indoor seed starting.

I did fool around a bit with adding a Tag cloud, but so far I’m not happy with any of the possibles.

Having wandered all over what else I spent time on, now onto…


  • Continue Tag cleanup (typos, dumb ideas, excessive, needed).
  • Create either a widget or something under the Our Plants page that has all the new Tags listed for posts that used to be under sub cats of Plants or newly make Project Progress.
  • Stop dithering about what new page menu you want (esp the Friends? page).
  • Make 2020 Planting List page, reorg layout.
  • Start a seed order list, make up mind about where to order.
  • Add missing OWV.
  • Check back on the closer Native Plant places for hours.
  • Add at least one image a month to create a rotating header.
  • Polish missing posts overall.
  • Start sketching out format for 2Hr Garden series for consistency.
  • Take the few idea boards and change out non natives.
  • Add one new plant a month.
  • Add one new critter a month.
  • Consider a Cloud tag/placement.
  • Work on the garden plot plan.
  • Feature image of the month widget?
  • Schedule for second story window view images (for better overall garden view)?
  • Any reality to time available for once a month comic?
  • Is it too early for a static home page to feature things?
  • By May 1st at latest: Double check all posts’ Cats and Tags.



Care to share thoughts on this?