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August 6th, 2019–Office Window View

So much going on you can't see due to what's in front.
A very brisk 57°F!

This year has been a blur.  I actually have taken other office window view pictures, but haven’t managed to make time to look through them, pick one, and post it.

It's quite humid here, and the windows still have rain on them, so I shot through the screen.
August 4, 2018

The closest office window view I have from last year was on the 4th of August. You can see how the scarlet runner beans were quite high up on the pole compared to this year where they are barely just starting to twine around. This year’s bean pole seen in the top picture is much taller.  Last year’s pole is in the front yard, with more runner beans that are also struggling there.

We took too long getting the seedlings out of the egg cartons, between the spring rains and then dithering about where to put them when the rains suddenly slacked off.  They were pretty root bound, and quite a few have died after transplanting from the 17 we planted.  That reminds me.  I should do a count of survivors for the plating page.  The ones over by the garage are actually doing better overall.  We did make one mistake, and the garage side poles are right under where the drip line is from the roof (no gutter on the garage).  At first, the transplants looked like that would do them in, then almost all of them rebounded.


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