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Garden Growth–7th July, 2019

Marvelous weather, a nice breeze with low 80s°F.  Glad for no rain.

  • I took the baking soda water mix sprayer out early in the morning to hit the fairy tale pumpkin leaves.  Hopefully another day of this will work as well as some say, and the powdery mildew will be a thing of the past.
  • Forgot to take the kitchen scraps out.
  • Still trying to study the cycles of the “weeds”.
  • While I see the merit of the beds we bordered with various mediums as to preventing grasses and such from encroaching, I’m wondering if we’ll ever be able to establish a possibly mix of moss for the garden paths.  I’m leaning towards a mix because of the mixed part/sun and part/shade range we have going on, depending on the time of day.   I may revert back to my earlier notion of encouraging the mock strawberry more.  Since we still have such a wide variety of low creeping whatever, it’s been hard to focus on how much of that is the mock or something else.
  • Some of the black raspberries are starting to turn color.  Had to stop my partner from trying to pick a few today.  It’s still too early.  I don’t even think tomorrow those that turned color today will be ready for eating by us.
  • Starting to see berry formation on the Boysenberry Division.  It’s quite a sight, how much is once again trying to breach the path we want clear between the rock wall where they are abundant as well as the safety glass bed.
  • STILL did not transplant the remaining scarlet runner bean seedlings-now-a-bit-more.  Worried we’ll lose them all.  I really need to try to clear that spot by the rear of the garage.
  • Also still haven’t set up the remaining supports for the peas.  One in Maude’s patch is starting to list over.
  • Still worried we have those nematode galls on the one stem that was uprooted.  I need to dig around a bit in both potato patches and see if I find more of the same.
  • Still no sign of the rainbow carrots.
  • Minor weeding in and around various beds.
  • The dusty millers are still looking more green than silver.  Will keep observing.
  • The scarlet runner beans out front seemed like they were getting ready to climb, and now look like they are shrinking.  No idea what’s going on there.
  • Still see strawberries hidden under long various growths up front.  Hope we get to actually eat some this year.  No real development in the patch along the driveway.
  • Flower stalks on the one (iris?lily?) up front.  We didn’t have any last year, and I never did divide that one yet this year, so I find that interesting.
  • Despite the cat using the new corn bed as a litterbox, the damage seems minimal.  Two butternut squashes emerged, suprising me as I hadn’t noticed any yesterday and these are clearly broken through with seedling leaves fully unfurled.
  • The transfer compost squash bed keeps amazing me.  Sprinkled eggshells in there today to try to prevent any slug damage.  We still don’t seem to have many of them, and I just don’t want to set a trap if I don’t have to.  Wondering if you simply eggshell an entire border if that works, or do they find a way around?
  • The corn in the jack patch is growing crazy mad.  Very curious to see how that pans out.  We’re still debating if we should thin/transplant or just let them fight it out.
  • Same bed, we think we might be seeing some of the sunflower mix starting to poke through, but I am also worried that the spot was a poor choice.  It’s definitely sunny, but perhaps not sunny long enough.  We shall see.

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