Updated the Plant Progress yesterday

I updated the 2018 Plantings page.

We’ve had another casualty, but some success as well (one noted by image yesterday).  We also ate our first blueberries and raspberries of the season (red and black).  It was still a bit soon for the blueberries we taste tested.  The strawberries keep getting raided by the critters before we get a chance.  To be fair, we have a lot more raspberry canes than we do fruiting strawberry plants so far.

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Just over a year ago…

That’s when we bought our first new old house, and let’s just say there were challenges outside.

Yep, outside.

Still, some good came out of it that had been there all along.

These are actually black raspberries.
We had no idea…

At some point someone was an avid gardener, and despite years of neglect, a wealth remained.

Even if it was choking to death in overgrowth.

More stories to come.

Stay tuned.