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July 4th, 2019–Office Window View

But wait! There's so much more to see out of frame!
July 4th, 2019

This year has been a roller coaster for us.  I keep joking that maybe I’ll manage to catch up on polishing all the piecemeal posts sitting in my draft folder some time this upcoming fall.

I tried to frame the above shot similar to last year while racing against impending darkness. Fireworks are going off now as I write this.

Below is a comparison shot from the same day last year.

You can see some bits of the trellis and fencing we picked up curbside from nearby neighbors.
July 4, 2018

Note the fence I had acquired for free from a neighbor (with a flat wagon tire, no less–still haven’t told that story!) on the ground to the left.  It is now our compost enclosure in the back treeline (also on the left) above.

You can also just make out the two framed trellis pieces from the same neighbor on the ground to the right of the fencing.  That eventually became our short term grape trellis.

That same grape trellis we almost repurposed elsewhere this year, only to abandon our new trellis plan when we realized our neighbor’s fence could fall down any day now. Pressed for time, the old one went back to where it started last year, though we turned how it was placed in the bed.  (There are many snippets of grape stories in the drafts to be finished some day.)

One last thing I almost forgot to mention–although you can see more beds outlined this  year, there are more out of the shot and more without any kind of framing around them deeper in the shot (and behind some of the taller grasses we haven’t dealt with yet.)  It’s one of the reasons you don’t see all the high yellow flowers in this year’s shot.  We made beds right into the partial shade area, which is pretty far back, relative to the size of our backyard.  I have been trying to take some shots from the bathroom upstairs so visitors can see more of what’s out there, but they too are waiting to be polished and given words.

I honestly only posted this today because I’m a bit aghast at the gaps in the blog this year compared to last, and particularly because last year I posted up a storm on the 4th!  My partner said I’d be remiss if I didn’t post the yearly comparisons.  Still, writing this up means we’re eating supper at 9:30!  *chuckles*

Doing what we can when we can often doesn’t seem like much.  However, having the window views and other posts here have really helped up gauge how we’re doing this year compared to last  year.  I wish more was polished to share, but spare time has been in short supply this year.

Hope everyone’s gardens are progressing well!

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