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Busy as bees

This year has been more hectic than I ever anticipated, both in and out of the garden.  Although I have continued to take garden notes and pictures, I have not had time to polish them.  If you haven’t noticed, I have been trying to at least regularly update this year’s planting list.

As I write this, it’s raining yet again, hence my having time to write.  If it wasn’t, I’d be out pulling up all the purple loosestrife that is now plaguing the front yard.

This year we have a lot of troublesome weeds flourishing which also takes up time I’d rather be spending elsewhere.  It’s probably from all the rain, but I don’t honestly know for certain.

The flip side of the rain is some things we do want around are also flourishing, with some faster than we can manage (I’m looking at you, Berry Army!)  Still, we’re very happy with what we’ve managed so far this year.  It sometimes feels like a comedy of errors around here, but at least we’re laughing.

I hope everyone’s gardens are progressing well.

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