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Late additions

It got quiet around here for a bit.  What happened was I had a reaction to something and it took me a while to realize what was going on, and also to seek medical attention once realized.  This has not been a fun year, medically, for me.  I’ve got toes and fingers crossed this will be the end of a bad stretch.  (Don’t think I’ve been this sick this long since college!)

The good news is as of this writing, I am on the road to recovery, after having been lectured about pushing too hard.  It’s spring!  What gardener has time for being sick?

During that quiet time, I had some incomplete snippets of the daily garden notes, and I have been trying to flesh them out a bit more.  There are some missing days because I honestly did not even make skeleton notes on those days, and now my memory sieve has nothing of substance to fill the gaps with.  I know at least two of them I didn’t do much more than water seedlings and maybe take out kitchen scraps because I was just that ill.

As I go over what entries I did skeleton write, when they’re as good as I can feel are truthfully fleshed out, they’ll go up.  Anything that’s not up by the end of this weekend either was a void day, or when I went back I couldn’t make heads or tails at my skeleton notes, so I’ll just drop them.  All are up now.  I thought I had one more from the second to last week of April, but couldn’t find a draft.  I was already getting pretty groggy by then, so I’m not surprised I didn’t find one.   My brain is still a bit foggy, so there may be mistakes or missing words.  Feel free to drop me a note if any of them have a glaring error or something still seems missing.

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