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Pruning the past

One of my goals for this year is to work towards a daily journal along the lines of what my Nana kept for her garden.  I was going to try a monthly (which I’ll get into a bit further down), although I intend to work up to a daily.

This is honestly more for my own learning process than anything because I know how easily things can slip through my memory sieve.  I know there may be some folks that may find them useful, so I’m publishing them publicly so all can see them rather than limiting them to my own private view.

The reason I’m not going to do a monthly is because when I sat down to try to write this one out for March, I realized I had next to no idea what we’d done that I hadn’t written about.  I could sort of recall some things I’d had ideas about later from scanning through my March posts, but it just seems too much to tackle if I’m not at least making side notes along the way.

Aside from the garden work, there is a lot going on in our lives at the same time (nothing overly good or bad, just life!)  So trying to keep a month’s worth of garden related things all in my head wasn’t terribly realistic of me.

So although I really don’t think I’ll manage a daily written to the full extend I would prefer, I’m still going to try to figure out something that might work to at least get something down that at least touches on the overall without me getting bogged down about each individual thing.

I have no idea how I might do that for certain yet, but knowing how much better records from last year would have helped us this year, I’ll do my level best to come up with something.

Time will tell.


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