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Herb kit pots update

So it’s the 21st (when the herb kit packets said I’d see some sign of life), and no sign of green in any of the herb pots–not even the basil which I had put some plastic over loosely two days ago as I read somewhere they really like to be warm.

As I’ve been thinking about the next round of seeds and the steps they’ll be taking along the way (during which I spent some time looking at cold frames and our soon-to-not-be-a-doghouse).  At some point, I thought…”I have all these mason jars*.”  And then it was time for an internet rabbit hole looking at mason jars as greenhouses.  Since I have to water the herbs every day, even with the jars upside down, the seeds will still be ok because I’d have to lift the jars to water, allowing some circulation each day.

The ones I thought might work fit rather well–they are a wide mouth variety, as seen here:

Serendipitous moments are fun!
I can’t believe how perfect these fit.

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* Related: there is an unfinished post in my draft folder about some additional mason jars we bought very recently, of which the ones above were part of that purchase.

I went way off track in the post and haven’t had time to cull it back to one topic.   How can a post about purchasing jars go so far off the rails?  When I wander into why we were buying them when it was unplanned…that’s how.  *chuckle*

I hope to have that post up soon, along with the making our seed list #3 post since we bought the seeds last night.

Oh, and happy belated spring!  Yesterday sort of got silly busy.  Making cottage pie was part of that busy, which to me is a great reason to be busy.

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