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Finally potted some spider plant bits.

I think buried in one of the drafts I never finished last year was a mention that one of the folks I shared some day lilies with shared some spider plant bits with me.

The plastic bag they were given to me in sat on the kitchen windowsill for the remainder last year, and over the course of the winter, I realized they looked less healthy in correlation to how the water the roots were in was starting to look a bit algaeic–which isn’t a real word but nails the description perfectly in my head so I’m using it.

I have a not so small sized pot I had used for seed starting last year (with mixed success), but it had been sitting out on the side stairs, with a few shriveled up bits of crabgrass in it.  I had brought said pot inside for the wheat grass (no, I still have not yet done the second attempt yet).  The crabgrass woke right up from the indoor heat and what little snow had been on top that melted down, so I had a bit of a chuckle as I weeded the pot.

Honestly, I want it to be a ghost of seedings past.
What is it?

Faced with the greening water in the bag, I finally put my responsible plant lover hat on and potted the various bits about a week ago now I think with the pot I just mentioned.  The last few days, there are what may be two babies that have pushed through the soil.

Or…it may be that some of the seeds I planted in that pot last year needed time/cold stratification/like to be surprises and now are ready to grow.  I honestly can’t even remember how many different seeds were sown in that pot offhand, but most would be guessable from last year’s planting list.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a spider plant (other than these baby bits) I honestly don’t remember what to look for, and I don’t want to dig back up the roots to see if this greenery is coming from the spiders or not.  I’m just thrilled I didn’t completely kill them by my inherent laziness.

Note: I did make one error during the potting which the plants are thankfully recovering from gradually.  I have a small creamer type pitcher by the sink that I often keep full of water so whatever treatment chemicals have a chance to off gas a bit before I change our cats’ water bowls.  (Some folks are rolling their eyes at this…you be you, I’ll be me.)  We have fluoride in our water, and spider plants react to it by losing their leaf variegation.  Now that I’m using my leftover rain barrel water we jugged last fall, it’s slowly coming back.  I also read that sometimes a lack of bright sunlight can cause that as well.

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