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Site Changes: Fall site updates, recent and near future

Here’s some info on the progress of the site overall, even if some won’t be evident right away. 

I updated the 2018 Planting List today.  The only one that does not have a final status is the zelkova because we may not know until next year if it needed the year to adjust or unfortunately did come to us too late and is bereft of life.

I also started on a 2019 Planting List because I want to keep better track of how many seeds per plant, as well as the fact that some I planted this fall will not show signs of life until spring and I likely will have forgotten the seed count by then.

The 2019 list page is still a WIP, so I have not linked to it yet though I’m sure some folks will figure out how to find it if they really want to do so.  I am going to add some graphics to it so that both plant status as well as sow type are easier to discern.  I need to find some time to make those graphics.  The page also needs some other bits as well, such as the header image and the like.  2019 will also have the plants listed in alphabetical order by the common name that I know best.  Depending on what we add next year, because there’s always that difference between wishes and reality, I may break them down by type such as tree, shrub, etc.

When the 2019 page is ready to go live, I will make that a parent page and change the 2018 to a drop down from 2019 to keep the link menu brief.  I at first thought to make a general Plantings page with each year as a drop down, but that’s more navigation than necessary really, since most folks will only want to see the more recent info.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are other pages I will be further developing during this fall/winter.  I will post updates as those take shape.

I am not yet sure what I will do with my 2018 mini gallery widget of the office views.  I may simply replace it with one where (hopefully, depending on when I can get a working camera again) all the images start from 2019.  I might just tack on 2019 to show the progress continuing, but eventually that will be a long sit through.  I had thought to make something similar to the Friends? page, but I still haven’t decided.

If you have any questions or notions about these changes, please feel free to contact me or put them in the comments section below.

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