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*sighs at images*

The image here is much more colorful than reality, and not due to my fiddling with filters.

On impulse, I bought another cheap camera given the old one was at best retaining one picture at a time.  Big mistake.

I normally don’t buy anything electronic without at least a little research on it ahead of time.  I was tired of all the camera woes, and made a dumb decision which resulted in two trips to Staples in as many days.  The image quality is even worse than I expected, and I should have realized that no mention of storage capacity on the camera meant nothing worthwhile and I should have put it back on the rack.

For what it’s worth, the image above is the best of the bunch, and is the “highest” quality that camera has.  Sheer disappointment even at that price point, but entirely my fault and I own up to it.

The old cheap camera issue wasn’t a disk issue either, something in the camera was rattling if you even gently shook it.  So something related to the bits that transfer to memory was instead just writing over the former image somehow instead of adding to the overall folder.  (Took a bit of trial and error to be sure of this.)

So now it seems I will be waiting until either we finally get our tax rebate (don’t ask,  had to file an extension due to an employer botch this year), or I will be taking images one at a time until even that doesn’t work.

The weather has not been co-operating with my free time of late, so I haven’t even managed a one a day shot of late.  If the wind doesn’t blow the rest of the fall colored leaves off the trees by tomorrow, hopefully I’ll manage one halfway not so bad shot of the color.  We had very high winds and rain yesterday/night, though not nearly what folks in the recent hurricane dealt with by far.

Good thing I didn’t throw out the old cheap camera right away.

Anyhoo,  I’ll try to focus more on words than images in the coming weeks to get more regular posts again.

Oh, and can you believe the corn is still growing?  Five ears out of the one stalk so far, and the younger is still barely knee high, but still growing.  We may get at least one ear out of it yet!

I remain glad that we did not plant as many seeds as we could have this year.  No regrets there at all.

Care to share thoughts on this?