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My September distraction…

This is a “why the postings slowed to a crawl” update for those that may be wondering.  Later this week, actual posts related to the garden will happen here, as things have settled down here a bit.

I used to be a full time freelancer.  When we planned to buy our first new old home, the plan was since I’m handier, I’d take care of house things while we relied on my spouse’s income.

At the time, he was due for a promotion based on the planned retirement of the person just above him.  Welp, as life can go, said person did not retire on the schedule promised.  So the pay bump we were expecting to cover enough that we needed of the loss of my income did not happen.

After the retirement got postponed for the third time, I started looking for work again, because we simply knew certain things that would soon or already needed real fixes might not politely wait for said person’s retirement before they just plain broke to the point of “oh noes”.

This summer I started back up as a freelancer, but wasn’t actively trying to take on new clientele because what work I had was enough to get us back on track, and the plan was to increase my workload as the garden started winding down come fall.

Last month, some referral based work fell in my lap, and as any freelancer knows “nice work when you can get it” falling in your lap even if a bit sooner than you’d like is a treasure.  So I took it, and the usual extra time needed for a new client turned out to eat away into the free time I usually have for here.  (Though it arrived just in time, as our hot water coil in the boiler started leaking like a sieve.  Hooray for that bit of fortune!)

So that’s why the posts slowed to a dead crawl.  I even have a new window view I totally forgot to put up which should be up tomorrow, but will be backdated for when it was taken.

I realized how far things had slid behind, actually, when I finally got a new cheap camera (my old cheap camera is dead.  Long live the original cheap camera.) and wanted to take an office view showing the leaves starting to turn.  That’s when I took a second to check here and realized not only hadn’t I posted that, but two other drafts I had started.  Whoops.

So this post is twofold: to explain why my posting dropped off, and to happily state that although I’m still working more than I was this summer, the hustle of the “new client” phase is about done, and so I should be able to post at least once or twice a week moving forward.

I hope everyone reading this is as well as can be, and whatever fall garden projects they have going on are going well too.

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  1. Gardening has been a challenge this year. All year long it’s been one thing or another, making gardening something I am wondering if I should do. I long for a green house. Wondering if that will help. Don’t work too hard! Or at least time time to smell the flowers! 🙂

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