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Guardianship update: 16th August 2018 #2

I fretted a lot overnight.  I kept checking the monarch disease pages, dismissed OE and pondered “black death” after one older site pic I found that had a pure black chrysalis.  Nope…nope…behold!For other space nuts out there, I think of this as docking time.

What a difference!

Between my partner trying to hold the screen steady and me cursing myself for not grabbing a tripod earlier, I am so happy I managed this shot before he left for work.

I did put a towel underneath in the keeper just in case one of them knocks the other off when they emerge since they are so close.

Also: I have spotted not one but TWO recently hatched egg larvae.  I did spot two still unhatched, couldn’t easily find the third of either.  (The latest crop brought in had four eggs on the milkweed stem top.)

Note: When I first made this post, I accidentally wrote OE as OEM.  OE (Ophryocystis elektroscirrha) is more common in the southern US and Mexico.  You can read more about it here.

I also called out “black death”, or NPV, without linking to or explaining it.  Further info on NPV: Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus.

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