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Guardianship update: 5th August 2018

Well, the joke’s on me.  The biggest of the four in the keeper is the only one that isn’t currently hanging in their J in this really bad picture below.  It’s still munching away on a leaf.

I can’t use the flash on the tank.  Even the overhead light caused issues as you can see.  I also didn’t want to try to risk lifting the lid to prop it somewhere for a clearer shot.  I hope to get a better one tomorrow in natural light.

I still can't believe the biggest of the four isn't up there yet.
They decided my hard made multiple stalk branch wasn’t good enough. They’re all attached to the removable screen top.

When I slid the incubator to the side on top of the tank after I took this picture, they all curled up just a wee bit more, as if bracing themselves, which I found inadvertently interesting.

Now when I have to remove the lid, I’ll be a nervous wreck fretting about lifting them up.  Fortunately, there should be enough leaf in the tank to hold out the big one for another half day at least.  Still, it’s a good thing they don’t weigh much!  The last of the first four in the keeper might be in J by the time I’d think to change out the milkweed anyhoo.  I just wish I had thought to change the older out before I started errands late in the afternoon–left right after my last post, actually–these three had been exploring the top tentatively, which in retrospect should have been my cue to run and get another stem just in case the big one wanted a day or two more of munching.

Those in the incubator seem to be doing well.  “Junior” is growing up fast.  I did not have time to see if I can find more than four 1st instar, and I try to keep all of them out of artificial light at night (I throw a towel over them and tent part of it over the back of the chair I keep the tank on so the towel doesn’t inhibit air too much.  The incubator is on top of the tank.)

I’m not thrilled they ignored what I thought they’d find enticing and I would have rather they used so I don’t worry about lid lifting.  Nope, they prefer the screening.  They know better, though.  So I really shouldn’t gripe.  Maybe the bark was too course or too loose or some such.  I’ll have to see if I can find out what I did wrong there.



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