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Site Change: Featured Images on all Pages

Tonight I had a reminder from WordPress that I apparently didn’t tick off all the boxes in some checklist or another, and found myself personalizing my Contact page.

At that point, I thought, “Might as well give consistency to an extent for all the pages.”

To be clear, when I say pages here, that means any page linked in the above menu now has an image at the top of the page, not in those and each blog post.  My apologies if this information disappointed you.  I’m motivated tonight, but not that much!

When I last made changes to the site, I had put in featured images on some of the pages.  Then it looked weird to me to have some pages with, and some without.  I know the featured images aren’t uniform in size as to height, but there’s only so many hours in a day and much to do.  Another time, I’ll further consider tightening that design bit up.

A few are familiar images, some are new.  They should all have hover text.  If you don’t see them, make sure your browser allows them.  I had to do some finagling with Firefox recently to make sure it was showing any hover text.  If you flip in between pages quickly, sometimes the hover doesn’t catch up, so if you move your mouse away so it’s not on the image, then back again, it should show up then.  If you are able to see some hover text, but not all, please let me know.   It might not be something I can solve, or maybe WordPress oddly reverted to an older draft of that image.

For the Friends? page, from now on, whatever image is featured there is the most recent I’ve taken of my friend, the garage bed.

If you have any thoughts or questions on these changes, feel free to leave a comment.

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