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Looked back at a year ago this time-ish

I tried to recall if we still had snow and such this far into April last year, and I found this in my run-on writing (elsewhere) on April 19th about snow still on the ground:

The snow is pretty much gone now, and all the neighbors are starting yard cleanup, and I need to get on that as we still have a lot of leaves and such. The grass is starting to green up a bit here and there, and I’m hoping with a good raking, that will help fluff up the tufts so it will be easier to do a first mow to at least knock down the tufts for now.

We still have white on the ground today, though more slush than snow.  The grass hasn’t really started to green.  The tiger lilies are in a holding pattern from a warm spell growth spurt before the cold came back.  The bush I still haven’t ID’d that will get moved with the front regrade near the driveway has a ton of buds.  [Edit: I later ID’d it as a lilac bush.]  I’m a bit worried about the buds because the entire plant was ice coated at one point, so we’ll see how it goes moving forward.

Care to share thoughts on this?