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The Berry Army

I did a quick walk about today.  We only have one tiny patch of snow left in the front yard.  Fat drops of rain were falling just infrequently enough that I snuck in about 20 minutes of fallen twig pickup and general observation.

I think these are red raspberries if my memory is worth anything.
The Berry Army Rises Up.

Those new runners of the berries that showed up late last year are growing up wicked fast now, they were a great reminder that I can’t neglect the other berries in the SE corner again this year or they’ll get buried in the overall overgrowth.  I’d much rather have more berries, so I have to make the effort if I want the benefits.

Here’s a shot of the side where we have blackberries and black raspberries.  Note the one that’s rather tall, then flopped over and ran across before disappearing in the ground.

It looks like a roller coaster for ants.
Follow the wild runner.

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