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July 8th, 2021–Office Window View

The July 8, 2021 image within my office window view series.
If you peer very intently just a bit up left of center, you can see a bit of trellis wood peeking through the greenery.

And so our wildly varying weather continues, and the holiday weekend threw me off.  I had forgotten Tuesday was Tuesday until an alarm I had set reminded me I had a meeting.  Unfortunately, even though I remembered it was then Tuesday…I did forget to take an Office Window View.  So this is a bit late, but still keeping up with a once a week at least.

The wooden trellis bit I mention in the caption is actually what used to be the gated trellis arch from the neighbors to the east that could more easily be seen in less leafy times of year.  Those neighbors recently moved, and they let us have it as they couldn’t take it with them.  Unfortunately, the bottom and side boxes for planting had rotted out because mulch had been piled up around them, and now it needs some minor refurb at the base before I can trust it to stand up on its own.  The rest of it is in fairly good shape for its age, really, and I am very happy they let us have it.  I honestly don’t know when I’ll have time for that, but I do hope it is soon, as there are peas and beans that will need its support.

More about the trellis in another post.

[Note: I’ll later note prior office window views here that were taken near to this date when time allows. This note will be deleted once that happens.]

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