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A quote I think many can identify with while on their path to learning.

“And many times during that first year, I was discouraged and impatient.  Yet each surviving plant, tree and shrub—every new blossom—was the gift of motivation.”

–Lori Silvia
The Challenges and Complexities of Ecological Gardens (2020)

As I’ve been trying to expand my knowledge about native plantings and how to help them flourish, I have been fortunate to find many online resources.  Some are for gardens far beyond the scope of my own, but each resource brings me closer to both understanding the challenges I face and even helps build a bit of confidence towards my own goals and path with gardening.

I think it’s also heartening to hear of another gardener’s path towards meeting their goals.  Whether they are dealing with a small plot by themselves, or they are working with projects of a scale that would be expected for a large institution.

There are times when it’s all too easy to give up. To not try again something failed at before. It’s why I like noting quotes here that inspire me just as much as I do the ones that make me laugh.

Care to share thoughts on this?