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My response to a Tweet request for healing and peace verses.

As partially stated in the title, someone I follow on Twitter posted this request today: “Please feel free to send me healing and peace verses.

I don’t know why, but after I read that and while wondering what I might post in response, I thought of a photo I had posted here on June 8, 2018.  Among the replies to the tweeter’s request, there was a photo someone had posted of this gorgeously rich sunrise or sunset over a meadow of flowers.  Seeing the flowers might have been the spark that make me think of my own flower photo.

Today was a great day for many reasons, and I was in a silly giddy mood.  I’m sure that influenced what follows below the line.

This tiny bee
Most never see
Is helping in my garden.

So when you need
Good thoughts to heed
To help your heart not harden,

Remember this
And don’t dismiss
An unseen helpful warden.

There was a time in my life when I wrote loads of poetry. That dribbled down to nothing over time, though I did write some song lyrics (quite a few of which, actually, were specifically for a brief but wonderful time where they were homage to/spoof of real world songs being virtually played within bands in an MMO of all things.  Something I wish I still had time to do.)

I was never terribly good at it, but sometimes apparently I managed to come up with something that spoke to another that read it.  I’m cross posting the image and the verse here just in case this might do the same for someone that might never see my response tweet.

Care to share thoughts on this?