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February 10, 2021–Office Window View

The February 10, 2021 image within my office window view series.
I was amazed at how the icicles had gently curved towards the bottom.

This is the first post on my site where I am trying to make my blog more accessible.  Fixing my previous omissions in this regard on my blog overall is going to take a lot of time to do because of how many posts I have already made and the amount of images within them, but I am determined to do so nonetheless.  I intend to go back and do my level best to make all the content on my site as accessible as possible, but anything posted earlier than this as of this writing has not yet been fixed.  I will edit this passage as that changes.

Having admitted my shortcoming, here is my special plea to anyone visually impaired that might be visiting this page and happens to utilize a text reader: please let me know whether this post in particular is working as intended (WAI) or not.  The alt text might only read the short descriptor of “The February 10, 2021 image within my office window view series,” and not the much longer description that goes into much greater detail about what is pictured. The longer description should start with, “Pictured is an urban backyard where various morning shadows made by trees along the south east border and behind drifts of the near foot of snow as seen through the photographer’s window,” before continuing on about various other details.  Please comment below or use my contact page to inform me if it is working perfectly or the longer description is not being read.

[Note: I still have a lot to fix from the import hiccups on top of fixing accessibility issues.  I’ll later note here prior office window views that were taken near to this date. This note will be deleted once that happens.]

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