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Oh You Silly Toad

Every time I think this year can’t show me some new wonder…I’m wrong.

If I ignore you, you can't see me because...camouflage!
Of all the critters I have found sneaking past the tiny gap…never expected this!

The top of the screen panel in the triple track of this window got a wee bit bowed at some point.  A few bugs and an enterprising spider that followed said bugs’ path have snuck to the other side as a result.  I’ve been meaning to fix this, but have not had the time.

This morning, I noticed movement in the office window which was cracked to let the cool breeze in after last night’s rains.  I thought it was another bug.  So I slid up the sash a bit, ready to get a better look at if I could do a hand transfer back to the outdoors or needed a container (often used for solitary wasps found indoors).  After pausing half a moment as my sleepy brain processed what I was looking at, I carefully shut it completely because two of our cats happened to be in the office at that moment.

How this toad managed to squeeze through…I’m not sure.  I’ll definitely have to make time soon to fix that bow.

One repurposed yogurt container move later, and it’s back on the other side of the screen, left in the care of the young rock monster.

My window is now closed because the last thing I need today when the plumbers are due is the cats suddenly going crazy with delight because they have a new “toy” that found its way inside.

Care to share thoughts on this?