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1st 2019 frost date adjustment

I have the “Safety Dance” song stuck in my head with a spoof title I was considering for this post, but I’ve spared you all that punny travesty.

This year so far has been very little fun given how much of it I’ve been spending sick.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the last of the mid winter cruds are petering out, so I can get back into the swing of what I had hoped to be doing by now.  *chuckles*

One of those things is checking on the latest predictive last frost date on the Farmer’s Almanac website.  That date is more specific to us than the one in the print edition because they base in on zip code.  So even though we’re not terribly far from Worcester, there are other factors like our being a bit north of there, as well as at a higher altitude that make a difference.  They do note that at this time, it has a 30% chance of accuracy.  So it’ll be interesting tracking that a bit better this year.

Knowing that, I was still a bit shocked when we “lost” as much time as I found yesterday after putting in our zip code.  I changed the date on the 2019 plantings page as well as the countdown widget.

Related, this year we’re going to try to plant by moon cycles because, what can it hurt?  And as far as traditional veggie crops go, our first in the ground will be peas.  I had thought to maybe try some spring wheat this year, but since I have not put in our seed order as of yet, the timing of the crud knocking me out of commission may waylay that this year since we don’t have wheat seed for that leftover or gathered from last year to use.  (The latter due to not planting any, in case anyone is wondering.)

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