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30th of January, Office Window View

Really need to go out and clean the outside of the storm window.
Few inches from last night suddenly makes it feel like winter again.

What a different just a bit of snow can make to your state of mind.  Despite the cold, we’ve often felt like we’re still waiting for winter this year.  I don’t know why the snow on the ground matters, but it does.  I grew up where we had little to no snow every year due to the salt water in the air.  Still, I also spent many years in snow belts.  So I guess they, being later, have shifted my comfortable perception of “winter”.

I know it was one thing that never set right with me when we lived in southern California.  I really missed snow something fierce when we lived there.  The one year we drove up to the mountains so I could see it in abundance just cemented what I’d already planned at that point–eventually move to Massachusetts as my “forever home”.  Snow makes me happy even though it can be a pain to deal with sometimes.  *chuckle*

They’ve already adjusted the temperatures for the next few days, and although tomorrow may dip into the negatives F, it’s only single digit.  Immediately after, it will be in the single digits about 0, which is a relief.

In some ways, I feel like we’ve gotten off easy this year snow wise.  Then again, I know they’re predicting snow right into April again.  So it’s really too soon to say for sure.

Time to go shovel!

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