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Weather never ceases to amaze me.

Temperatures climbed to near 50°F today, and we’ve had rain fairly steady since last night. 

I noticed in the early light this morning how much snow was gone from the roof of the garage even then.

Now, the yard too is quickly losing all traces of the snow.  Bootprints that only yesterday were still evident from trips to the compost and garage are now gone.

I did find it interesting that both the paths we do walk were among the first areas to lose snow, as well as obvious spots like where the rain drips off the garage roof.

I was a bit surprised earlier when I was making tea, and I noticed the area near the doghouse was showing more grass than even a thin layer of snow.  I’m not sure if that’s due to fatter rain drops falling from the overhanging tree branches that gathered them, or simply that the drifting of the snow wasn’t as deep there.

Care to share thoughts on this?