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Late night reading, away from the weather.

I fell down an internet rabbit hole tonight, browsing way too many old house garden pages.

On one hand, at least half I found useful.  There were a few reminders of things I bought last year that either didn’t make it past sow or I didn’t even get them in the ground.  On the other hand, I’m reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I need to tuck most of what I read about in that “for later” corner of my mind.

Sometimes I really think the hardest thing about restoring both the grounds and the house is the waiting time, to let things swish around in your mind and settle out.

Meanwhile, the snow blows outside.  It still doesn’t look like much accumulation wise, but there is one small drift on the front porch atop the stairs that looks to be tall enough to maybe fall inside boots later.  Then again, the snow is due to turn to rain at 6am, so there’s really no telling how much might be around when the sun crests our neighbor’s house and continues its way across the treeline out back.


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