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Happy New Year!

I hope all are well, and you are already planning for this year’s garden.

I finally picked up this year’s Farmer’s Almanac, though I’ve barely had time to read it yet.  Things were a bit busier than I expected last month.

Already I have plans swimming in my head for this year.

One really nice garden related present I received at Xmas was a set of butterfly raising containers, which I’ll talk about later after my in-laws head south and things calm back down as the holly day rush subsides.  I guess it’s a good thing December was so busy I’d barely gotten to the stage of “gather the materials I have set aside and put them all in one place” stage of building my own.  *chuckles*

Also, I now have two hand me down cameras!  It’s so nice to  have a working camera again, and I will put them to good use soon.

I have worked a bit more on this year’s planting list, and hope to have that ready within a few weeks.

Time will tell!

Care to share thoughts on this?