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Guardianship update: 21st August 2018

Watching a chrysalis waiting for it to eclose is like paint drying.
Any moment now…

This is the chrysalis that suffered a fall a few days ago that I had not yet reported happening because that day was sad for a few reasons, and I’ve been waiting to post an update that would have at least one bright spot from that day.

I still haven’t had time to write about the disastrous weekend we had with the monarchs so soon after two days of two butterfly per day releases.

I’ve been hovering over this chrysalis today because it will need a hand up to a spot where it can pump fluid into its wings and then dry them. If it doesn’t get placed where it can hang, the wings may not form and it will be unable to fly.

Normally the chrysalis shell is what it initially hangs from to do this, as it is attached to the mesh by the cremaster (little black stem normally at the top of the chrysalis) which snapped in the fall. That’s why this one needs minding.

This is the one my partner named, which made its fall and breakage feel even worse.

More later after it finally deigns to eclose.


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