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Rain barrel(s) mini update

I’m sneaking this in and fudging the post date because I meant to write it (yesterday), but I’m really writing it now because I got caught up in something and realized too late it was past midnight.

The rains started later than predicted, but the winds were gentle, and the rain barrel is doing just fine.

We talked about when we’d be getting the next one, and we’re leaning towards just getting it next week, even though we won’t have enough funds for guttering and the barrel.  (Hopefully our last oil delivery payment until fall + two usual early month bills in one check, and we have some other garden expenses, so there’s that reality.)

One of the reasons I’m keen on getting it sooner is because it will spur me to get the regrading in that area done sooner, and will also help because our biggest water intrusion is that area as well (no gutter, and an L roof area because of the cellar exterior stair enclosure.)

Care to share thoughts on this?